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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Miguelito's

Miguelito’s is a concept borne out of a simple idea — the love for the Philippines and the desire to share its natural beauty and kind generosity with as many people as possible.

Embracing the Filipino culture and artisanship, we are passionate co-creators, curators, and makers of goods and treats that bring joy and remind you of a tropical home.

Through scents, flavors, and craftsmanship, our Southeast Asian-inspired products have a rich heritage and engaging story behind each one. All while showcasing the warmth and kindness of the Filipino people.

As we continue to grow and expand, we will share the wonder and delight of the unique stories of the products we feature and develop. Our goal is to help highlight and give back to the small communities of the Philippines! 

With each new treasure from this culture-rich part of the world, we hope to contribute to the livelihood and health of the places and people that have inspired and made us feel at home through awareness and support. Together, we can make a better place for all of us to flourish.

Our Founder

Born and raised in the Philippines, Miguel grew up in an environment rich with natural resources and strong influences in healthier approaches to living. He learned the importance of natural foods on his grandparents' farm a few hours north of Manila where they continue to grow rice and other grains, vegetables and root crops, cacao, as well as raise poultry — fresh eggs every day!

His parents are advocates of clean-living and how better ingredients contribute to a better lifestyle. Miguel's mom has been very supportive and made sure that they get all the love they need while his dad worked abroad so that he and his sister (who’s now a pastry chef creating original desserts in Australia) could attend great academic institutions for a more successful career. 

With a goal to experience the world, Miguel followed his heart and built on his upbringing as he entered the hospitality industry almost a decade ago. His university studies in Manila and experience at some of the most prominent hotels, unique cafes, and innovative pop-ups and retail in the US spurred his interest in developing his own, unique idea. Always with bright, wide-open eyes and a giant smile on his face, Miguel translates his experiences into this new adventure to bring great things that cater to as many people as possible.

Now, living in Brooklyn has changed not just his environment but his lifestyle as well. The hustle of New York City has opened so many possibilities and yet, he still misses his comfort niche. Despite him being a world away, the idea of Miguelito’s can be traced throughout his upbringing and his desire to create a space for the love of his childhood home and the unique gifts of the Philippines.

In the summer of 2019, he finally secured a spot at the Fort Greene Park Greenmarket. Oh how incredible that time was! He experimented days and nights, perfecting his own recipes for soaps, essential oils, and scrubs. The cold process soap, which is a process of saponifying vegetable and essential oils, became our best selling product through the great support from friends, neighbors and curious people.

Introducing Sabon de Filipino

Growing up in the Bulacan province, Miguel developed a keen interest in personal care products similar to his mother. His enthusiasm set him out to explore the best and the worst of the products in the market. He paid attention to the product labels and didn’t like what he saw — cheap and mass produced personal care products containing harsh ingredients that are harmful to our skin. 

“Sabon” is the Tagalog word for soap. Sabon plays a significant role in taking care of the biggest part of the body — our skin. The oils and natural ingredients we use will help keep your skin happy and healthy and feeling clean! All of our soaps are handcrafted in small batches to maintain an artisanal quality to each.

We pride ourselves on our transparency of the ingredients we use. As best as possible, we only use ethically-sourced ingredients from reputable companies who are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. We are proud that the ingredients we use are organic, RSPO-certified, cruelty-free, and non-GMO verified. 

Located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a collection of tropical islands blessed with beautiful beaches, picturesque mountain ranges, and lush rainforests. Every variant of our soap is inspired by a unique region or province of the island nation. Places that hold and create fond memories in their own way. 

For our first line of sabon, we bring the scents, colors, and natural ingredients of five destinations to you.

Palawan holds the title of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is home to the underground river, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Taal is the home to a volcano in a lake in a volcano in a lake. Until recently, it was a sight to behold where you could take a short hike to the rim of the volcano.
Guimaras mangoes are some of the sweetest in the world earning the nickname "Mango Capital of the Philippines" from local and foreign visitors. The mangoes are reportedly served at the White House and Buckingham Palace.
Baguio is in the mountains north of Manilla and attracts locals and visitors alike for its annual Panagbenga (flower) festival filled with colorful floats and costumes made of flowers.
Bohol is known for its unusual geological formations — Chocolate HIlls — where symmetrical mounds turn cocoa-brown standing out from the surrounding jungle greenery.


We hope you enjoy Miguelito's

We are so excited to introduce our very first product to you. We are just getting started with more to come! 

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